18th Century Stays

Light Indigo & White Cross Bar Check Light Weight Linen - $14.00 yd.



The term "checked" in the 18th century referred to any number of patterns woven or printed that intersected at right angles. Checked linens were used for a variety of purposes such as aprons, shirts, children's clothing, trousers and linings as well as many household items such as toweling, bed hangings and chair coverings. Runaway descriptions and other contemporary writings occasionally call out other garments such as a "cross bar gown" or check shortgown or jacket. Indigo predominates in our research with the Foundling Hospital collection. The 50's to early 60 is a time when the colonies are exporting huge quantities of indigo to England, so perhaps there is a direct correlation. Although blues predominate we also found other colors in checks, as well as a good variety of color in other books and samples we have studied.

  • This linen is fine with a high thread count.
  • The weight of this linen makes it suitable for men's shirts, aprons, children's clothing, linings and utilitarian needs.
  • 100% Irish Linen 60 inches wide.
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