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Indigo "Paste" Handkerchief



Resist or paste printing was a common and desirable method of creating a dark grounded textile.  Sometimes in only one color and sometimes blocked after to create a pattern of two or more colors, They are described in shop advertisements, runaway ads and show up in genre paintings.  Printed in both India and England they could be simple like our handkerchief or far more complex using many blocks and a number of colors.   Our handkerchief is inspired and  based on an original handkerchief left with a child at the Foundling Hospital.  The indigo (or blue) color resist is quite common in handkerchiefs, found in advertisements and store inventories called out as paste  We  have found a number of resist prints in cloth as well and the color of this handkerchief is matched to those. 

  • Measuring approximately 34 inches square.
  • Made of hand loomed cotton mull,  our handkerchiefs are hand dyed and hand finished.
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