Red, Brown & Blue Flowered Handkerchief or Shawl


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The original handkerchief or shawl this is based on in owned by the DAR Museum and was reproduced by us in its original colorway.  Inspired by the many red grounded 18th century textiles of Provence we re-colored this one to that mode.  The original handkerchief most likely has a French or English provenance and was imported into America c 1780 - 1810.  It's style and coloring is similar to many in collections both in France and England with French, English or Indian provenance.   This handkerchief would have been fashionable especially in the last quarter as the waistline began to rise and such gowns as the "Italian Gown" with it's tight bodice and long sleeve were often set off by an over-sized handkerchief or shawl which crossed over the bosom and wrapped to the back.  The printed motifs often imitated the costlier hand-woven motifs of the India shawls.  

  • Measuring approximately 48 inches square our handkerchiefs are made of hand loomed cotton mull, hand printed and hand finished. 
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