Handkerchiefs & Shawls

Red with Black & White Border Handkerchief



Reproduction from the Collection of Mary Doering by  Burnley & Trowbridge

The original made of silk and reproduced here with it's simple blocked border is dated in Mary's collection to 1810.  Black & Red is a common colorway described often in advertisements and found in textile prints as well.  An 18th century handkerchief in the collection of the Nordiska Museet is similar to the aesthetic of this one and was surmised to possibly be a snuff handkerchief.  An early 19th century handkerchief belonging to a sailor in the collection of the  National Maritime Museum is similar as well with a red ground and white & black border. David Wilkie's "Distraining for Rent" 1815 shows a variety of handkerchiefs one being a red ground with border worn by a young mother. For those of you who want the ease of cotton, this handkerchief will suit your 18th or 19th century persona.