Time Traveling

Natural & Soft Blue Herringbone Wool "Flannel" - $15.00 yd



The herringbone weave encompassed any weave woven in a zigzag pattern to create chevrons. In the 18th century it was often found in linen tickings and other hard wearing linens. In the 19th century the weave found its way into other textiles including wool. Wool "flannels" in the 18th century consisted of a woolen yarn slightly twisted in the spinning and woven in plain or twill weave and then lightly brushed. This created a soft, spongy wool, not extremely sturdy but useful for a variety of purposes such as petticoats, gowns, under-waistcoats, jackets, children's clothing etc.  When fulled, flannel would become very lofty creating a soft but thick fabric.  

  • This fabric is medium weight with a firm hand and soft finish.
  • This fabric is a Time Traveling fabric suitable for many different time periods from very early to modern.
  • It is suitable for any tailored garment where edges can be finished, as well as lightweight outerwear for Men, Women and Children.  
  • If you intend to full this flannel you could possibly loose 6 to 10 inches per yard in shrinkage.  Test before fulling the piece.
  • 100% Wool 58 inches wide.
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