Gold, Olive, & Rust "Houndstooth" Check Wool - $15.00 yd.


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The distinctive "broken" check of two colors or tones was given the name of "houndtooth" or dog tooth in the 19th century possibly derived from Scottish tweeds.  It's pattern is much older though. The earliest know garment dating 360-100 BC. is the Gerum cloak found perfectly preserved in a peat bog.  The pattern has been found in garments throughout the centuries and continues in popularity.  We have not found this particular pattern/colorway in the 18th or early 19th century however we feel it is well suited for mid 19th century onward.

  • This is a Time Traveling fabric.  It is light weight with a smooth hand and good drape.
  • It is well suited for ladies' clothing of many eras such as  dresses, skirts, linings,  and accessories. Also appropriate for men's vests, coats, trousers as well as children's clothing.
  • 100% Wool 63 in. wide.

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