Dark Blue Printed Crepe Wool - $15.00 yd.


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Crepe (Crape) dates back to the 17th century.  In the 19th century many new types of crepe were invented.  One such invention was patented by Stephen Wilson in 1822. It employed two wefts of worsted over a ground of worsted or other fiber.  The yarn was spun five to seven times harder than normal yarn and laid in opposing manner.  This created the wrinkly or pebbly finish we still recognize today as crepe. We consider our wool crepe to be a Time Traveling fabric. The coloring and print pattern could possibly go as early as the 1850's.  In the collection of the  MET a printed wool sample book displays geometric shapes and multiple colors.  To us it reads 20th century, based not so much on print (as we have seen similar as early as the 18th century) but more because of the coloring. 

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