Natural Worsted Wool Shalloon - $16.00 yd.


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Worsted “stuff” was a term that referred to a wide variety of worsted textiles produced originally in Norwich and later in York. Described by Montgomery as a “cheap twilled worsted” Shalloon’s were woven twilled on both sides with the threads visible. They could be hot pressed (glazed) or not. Advertisements would advertise broadcloths of various colors with shalloons to match. Surviving men’s wear often has shalloon as the lining material. We have come across shalloons in our research with the Foundling Hospital textile tokens, surmising the possibility that these cheap stuffs found their way into clothing of the lower sorts as well.  This natural color was often called "sheep colored" in the 18th century.

  • Our shalloon is medium weight
  • It is suitable for over-dyeing.
  • Suitable for linings, children's clothing and bed curtains.
  • 100% Worsted Wool 60 Inches Wide.

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