Royal Blue Wool Cloth - $22.00 yd.


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Royal Blue Wool Cloth

This Royal Blue Wool Cloth, resembles a cloth called "Penistone" which was woven as early as the 15th century in the York region.  Woven from the wool of the native Penistone sheep, it produced a hardy and long wearing cloth, which could be left plain or finished.  Popular among the working class for its hard wearing qualities, indigo was a color which resisted fading as well. Penistone, sometimes known as Plains, was exported in large quantities to the colonies to be worn by enslaved individuals.  This wonderful article by Haptic and Hue talks about the discovery of an extant piece of this cloth.

  • This Royal Blue Wool Cloth is heavy weight
  • Suitable for men's jackets, cloaks, coats and trousers, women's cloaks, jackets, heavy petticoats, heavy work apron and household needs.
  • 80% Wool 20% Nylon, 61 inches wide.

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