Light and Dark Brown and Cream "Chek'd" Wool - $25.00 yd. - pieces


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Blankets of all kinds appear in advertisements, account books, journals, as well as genre paintings and prints. Checked blankets in particular usually show up often depicted in paintings and prints as "window pane" check, although other even checks and what we would now call plaids are also represented. Blankets re-purposed into coats were a common practice in the 18th century.

  • Our wool is lightweight enough to use not only for blanketing and household textiles such as winter bedhangings and curtains in the 18thc but will work well for trousers of the late 18thc and 19thc, coats of the 19thc for men and women, in addition to retro and modern sewing.
  • 100% Wool 60 inches wide.
  • You can find this sample in the Wool: Woolens - Broadcloths- Coatings

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