Natural Glazed Linen - $28.00 yd.


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Glazed linen appears in the 18thc on into the 20th century. Used for hat liners, sleeve linings, pocket linings, stays and linings in general, the glazed finish of the linen gave it a smooth, hard finish that held up to the rigors of use. In the 18th century this smooth finish and high gloss were achieved through a process called beetling. First done by hand and then by water power, large wooden hammers were repeatedly beat upon the dampened fabric as it was stretched across an iron roller that was kept in motion through cranking. This produced a hard, flat surface with a high luster and subsequently made the fabric less porous as it flattened out the yarns filling in the weave. By the 1730’s this was mechanized with water wheels and fabric could be beat for hours resulting in an even better finish. Today, our linen is finished using modern electricity but in the same manner as it was then, resulting in a textile you will not find elsewhere.

  • Please note that if this linen is washed it will lose it's finish, we recommend not washing it.
  • 100% Irish Linen 32 inches wide

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