Madder Ribbed Light Weight Worsted Stuff - $15.00 yd.



The generic term “stuff” referred to a wide variety of worsted goods produced originally in Norwich and later in York. These goods were characterized by their tightly twisted yarn, fineness of weave and smooth finish making them desirable for Men’s as well as Ladies garments. The grades of stuff varied from coarse to fine and the weave could be plain or twilled. Worsted Wools as well as Worsted mixed with Woolens and Silks were popular goods for a variety of uses. A variety of weaves and patterns were employed with a host of names such as "serge", "says" "shalloons" to market the subtle variations. When a product grew "stale" it was given a new name to spur the consumer.

  • Our Worsted is lightweight slightly ribbed weave, created by adding and extra warp yarn.
  • Suitable for Gowns, Lady's Jackets, Riding Habits, Men's Coats, Lined Breeches, Linings and Children's Clothing.
  • 100% Italian Worsted Wool 62 inches wide.
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