Brown & Gold Light Weight Ticking Linen - $14.00 yd.



Tickings or "ticken" encompassed a group of twill woven linens.  It could be woven as a plain twill or herringbone weave. Tickings were manufactured for bed ticks, fine to ordinary to coarse as well as ticking for "flock" beds. They were used in tenting and for utilitarian garments such as aprons and gaiters.  Ticking was also woven for men's breeches and waistcoats as well as linings for stays. Some tickings from Hamborough became preferred for ladies shoes and were expressed as being of "great detriment to the consumption of leather and the Lace Weaver's Trade." The stripe of this ticking we have seen on a number of extant textiles in clothing and in the Foundlings,

  • This linen is light weight and suitable for gowns, petticoats, women's jackets, men's summer trousers, waistcoats, children's clothing and light utilitarian needs.
  • 100% Irish Linen 58 inches wide.
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