Double Purple Flowered & Spot'd Cotton - $18.00 yd.



Printed textiles were common in all social levels in 18th century.  England was a major manufacturer and printer throughout the 18th century as well as India where they derived many of their print patterns from.  In the colonies India cotton and English goods of linen and cotton were both worn.  One and two color prints of crude to complex designs were all within the reach of most social classes.  Our pattern is based on our extensive research of 18th century printed textiles, drawing strongly from collections such as the tokens of the Foundling Museum & the pieced bed hangings from the V & A.  The spotted background and sprigged motif are common motifs found in the 2nd half of the 18th century on in to the early 19th century.  The two tone purple combination is one we identified frequently in original prints & is color matched to originals. Often it was referred to in contemporary writing as a double (insert color name). The pattern is taken from a textile cut from the gown of an infant girl left as a foundling in 1759. 
  • Our cotton is lightweight, matched in weight to a piece of India cotton in the Foundling collection.
  • Well suited to Lady’s gowns, jackets & petticoats, shortgowns and bedgowns, trims, linings, men’s summer wrappers & children’s clothing.
  • 100% Cotton  50 inches wide
  • We suggest washing in warm water in a top loading machine so that fabric is completely submerged and hanging to dry prior to cutting out.
  • About our Reproduction Printed Cotton Fabrics.
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