Chocolate Brown Light Weight Worsted Wool "Stuff" - $14.00 yd. - pieces



Worsted “stuff” was a term that referred to a wide variety of worsted textiles produced originally in Norwich and later in York. These lightweight goods were characterized by their tightly twisted yarn, fineness of weave and smooth finish. This made the wool well suited to Men’s and Ladies' garments. The grades of stuff varied from coarse to fine and could be plain or twill woven.

  • Our fabric is light weight, plain woven with a soft drape.
  • It is well suited to Ladies' gowns, jackets and petticoats, Men’s waistcoats, lightweight coats and jackets, summer trousers, linings, aprons, mitts and other accessories as well as children’s gowns.
  • 100%  Worsted Wool 60 Inches Wide.
  • *This piece has wax markings on the back side near the selvage. This affects about 1 1/2 inch of the fabric width.
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