Gray Herringbone Striped Wool - $15.00 yd



The herringbone weave encompassed any weave woven in a zigzag pattern to create chevrons. In the 18th century it was often found in linen tickings and other hard wearing linens.  In the 19th century the weave found its way into other textiles including wool.  In the 1763 John Kelly book, a page of "Corded Harliquins" in bright colors displays a small herringbone pattern. Our herringbone is reminiscent of the herringbone weaves found in later 19th century and 20th century tailored items and outer wear.

  • This fabric is light weight.
  • Suitable for Ladies and Men's tailored garments & outerwear.
  • 100% Worsted Wool 60 inches wide.
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