Steel Blue & Black Checked Wool - $15.00 yd



Checked textiles were used abundantly thru out the 18th century for a variety of purposes from household to clothing.  Any fabric with intersecting threads of two or more colors was considered a "check" even those that we would call a "plaid" today.  Larger checks tended to be used more in the home furnishings sometimes being designated as "Furniture Checks".  Checks varied in dimension down to miniscule checks.  A surviving 18th century shirt in the Dearfield collection is made of a medium weight blue & white check linen in which the checks measure less than 1/8 inch.  There are some even weave checks surviving in the Moccasi manuscript dating from the 1760's.  We have also studied linsey woolsey woven in the 1760's which is very similar to this pattern and scale.

  • This fabric is light weight and plain woven. with a slightly open weave, please see photo
  • Suitable for lightweight jackets, bedgowns, waistcoats, aprons and accessories as well as lightweight trousers, shirting, vests, dresses & skirts for later time periods.
  • 100 % Worsted Wool 60 inches wide.
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