Blue, Green, & Brown Crossbar Lightweight Linen - $14.00 yd.


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The term “checked” in the 18th century referred to any number of patterns woven or printed that intersected at right angles.  Checked linens were used for a variety of purposes including aprons, shirts, children’s clothing, trousers, and linings, as well as many household items such as toweling, bed hangings, and chair coverings.  Descriptions of self-liberated individuals and other contemporary writings occasionally call out other garments such as a "cross bar gown" or check shortgown or jacket.

The multi-toned yarns in this linen gives it a more contemporary look.  For that reason we feel this fabric is better suited for later periods.

  • This check would definately work well as a Time Traveling textile suited for 1830's through present day and modern makes
  • This linen is light weight.
  • Suitable for men’s shirts, aprons, 19th century onward for Lady's dresses, skirts, bodices, men's trousers, waistcoats, jackets, children’s clothing, linings and utilitarian needs.
  • 100% Polish Linen 61 inches wide.

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