White Light Weight "Dimity" Linen - $15.00 yd.



This fabric encompasses any number of Harness loomed patterned fabrics, made of linen, linen/cotton and cotton.  Most often left white, samples of dimity can be found in Manchester swatch books, The Foundling Museum collection as well as extant garments such as gowns, children's garments, accessories, breeches and jackets in various collections.  It was a highly desired textile especially for summer wear, due it's light color, weight and easy cleaning.  It could vary in weight from very light to a medium weight.  Here is an example of a cotton dimity gown from the last quarter of the 18th century that is also block printed 

  • This linen is very lightweight and sheer.
  • It is suitable for late 18th c and 19th c gowns, aprons, ruffs, sleeve ruffles, bosom ruffles, tuckers, handkerchiefs, caps and children’s wear.
  • 100% Irish Linen 60 inches wide.
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