Off-White Medium Weight Herringbone Linen "Ticking" - $15.00 yd.


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Tickings or “ticken” encompassed a group of twill woven linens. It could be woven as a plain twill or in most of the examples we have studied, herringbone weave. Herringbone was any textile woven in a zigzag pattern resembling the bones of a herring. They were woven in all pattern widths from very narrow to quite wide.  This pattern is approximately 3/4 inches wide.  We have found this pattern in tickings, breeches, waistcoats, and stays and pocket linings. It appears in a surviving tax records from 1783 for German linens showing up as plain, striped as well as printed.  Stays surviving in the collection of Dunvegan Castle, Scotland are covered in ticking and purported to have been owned by Flora McDonald with a date of 1770-80. In addition there is another pair owned by Historic Jamestown dating to the 18th century.

  • Our “Herringbone” is a stout fabric suitable for Lady’s Riding Habits & Stays as well as Men’s coats, breeches and waistcoats.
  • Also well suited for children’s clothing, linings, pockets and other utilitarian needs such as bed tickings and bolsters.
  • 100% Irish Linen 60 in. wide.

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