Gold & Brown Checked Linen - Remnants - $14.00 yd.


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In the 18th century, the term “checked” referred to woven or printed patterns that intersected at right angles, in order to create squares.  Checked linens, such as this Gold & Brown Checked Linen, were used for a variety of garments, such as aprons, shirts, children’s clothing, trousers and linings, and household items such as toweling, bed hangings and chair coverings. Descriptions of self-liberated individuals and other contemporary writings mention other garments, such as a "cross bar gown" or check shortgown or jacket.

  • This Gold & Brown Checked Linen is lightweight.
  • Suitable for men’s shirts, aprons, children’s clothing, linings and utilitarian needs, as well as various garments from later time periods.
  • This Gold & Brown Checked Linen is 100% Irish Linen, 60 inches wide.

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