White Striped "Nainsook" Cotton - $12.00 yd.


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First documented in 1790, the term nainsook was said to derive from the Hindi word “nainsukh” which translates “eye’s delight”. Woven in various weights and fineness this cotton muslin was typically woven of plain weave but could also be striped. Several samples in Ackermann’s Repository show it being used for gowns, shawls and window treatments. It’s popularity continued in 19th century and it was woven plain in the Edwardian period in a variety of weights and levels of sheerness to suit any lingerie, summer wear or child’s dress need. 

  • Well suited for over gowns and half gowns as well as accessories such as aprons, neckerchiefs, caps, tuckers and mantelets.
  • 100% Cotton 61 in. wide.

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