Scarlet Light Weight Worsted Wool "Stuff" - $20.00 yd.


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Worsted “stuff” was a term that referred to a wide variety of worsted textiles produced originally in Norwich and later in York. These lightweight goods were characterized by their tightly twisted yarn, fineness of weave and smooth finish. This made the wool well suited to men's and women's garments. The grades of stuff varied from coarse to fine and could be plain or twill woven. The color scarlet was a bright red achieved by using a small insect called a Cochineal originally from Spain.  Although more expensive then madder root, it took very small amounts to dye large amounts of wool and its bright and colorfast red was appealing to all social classes. Different areas of England were known for their scarlets one being Norwich where it was said that the iron in the water produced the brightest scarlet. 

  • Our fabric is light weight with a soft drape.
  • It is twill woven
  • It is well suited to earlier time periods such as kirtles and petticoats as well as common jackets and coats.
  • 100% Worsted Wool 62 Inches Wide.

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