Natural Medium Weight Linen "Crepe" - $20.00 yd.


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"Crepe" has a long history, first made of silk and wool, but later of a variety of natural and synthetic fibers.  Characterized by either a crinkly or pebbly finish, the look could be achieved through a variety of methods, including hard twisted yarns, weaving patterns, chemical treatments, and embossing.  This Natural Medium Weight Linen "Crepe" is a dead-ringer for the beautiful Italian linen crepe, favored by needlework artisans.  It is also a wonderful time traveling textile for more modern applications, such as suits, skirts and jackets.  It has a certain absorbency which makes it perfect for such things as tea towels and napkins.  Also wonderful for your next embroidery project.

  • This natural Medium Weight Linen "Crepe" has a pebbly appearance with a smooth hand.
  • Perfect for structured garments, embroidery, & home applications.
  • This Natural Medium Weight Linen "Crepe" is 100% Italian Linen, 58 inches wide.

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