Brown & Burgundy Mixed Wool Coarse Cloth - $20.00 yd.


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This cloth resembles coarse wool cloths we have studied dating from through out the 18th century. Cloths like this woven in the Wiltshire area or possibly York would have been of local "shoddy" wool.  It would have been coarsely woven and minimally dressed.  Used as a cheap sturdy cloth it still would maintain the properies of warmth and watershed without the cost. We studied a collection of coarse broadcloths somewhat better finished then this cloth, dating from the 1780's which were almost entirely of mixed colors as seen in our research.

  • Stout, medium weight wool with a coarse yarn.
  • Lady's' and Men's outerwear, trousers, breeches, jackets and children's clothing as well as most tailoring needs.
  • 100% Wool 60 inches wide.

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