Light Indigo & White Furniture Check Linen - $14.00 yd.


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The term “checked” in the 18th century referred to any number of patterns woven or printed that intersected at right angles in order to create squares.  Checked linens were used for a variety of purposes most often found in aprons, shirts, children’s clothing, trousers and linings as well as many household items such as toweling, bed hangings and chair coverings. Any fabric with intersecting threads of two or more colors was considered a "check" even those that we would call a "plaid" today.  Larger checks were sometimes designated as "Furniture Checks" being more frequently used for household needs.  This did not however stop these larger patterns from being used in clothing.  We found several examples of larger checks in our research with the London Foundlings left as tokens. 

  • This linen is lightweight.
  • Best suited to the occasional gown, aprons, accessories,  linings, children's clothing and household items.
  • 100% Irish Linen 60 inches wide

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