Cream "Ribbed" Worsted Wool - $16.00 yd.


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Worsted “stuff” was a term that referred to a wide variety of worsted textiles produced originally in Norwich and later in York. These lightweight goods were characterized by their tightly twisted yarn, fineness of weave and smooth finish. This made the wool well suited to Men’s and Ladies' garments. The grades of stuff varied from coarse to fine and could be plain or twill woven. 

This wool which appears to have a raised stripe we have not as yet found a name for however we have found an almost identical woven worsted in a dye book dating from 1754-1758.  In this dye book the the dyer Georg Timmich alternates from dyeing plain woven samples to using this woven sample to showcase his various dye receipts.

  • Our fabric is a stout medium weight.
  • It is well suited to more tailored applications such as Riding Habits, Men's coats, breeches and trousers as well as an tailoring application.
  • 100% Worsted Wool  56 inches Wide.

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