White Shirt/Shift Hemp Linen - $18.00 yd.


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Hemp is a bast fiber that is nearly indistinguishable from flax without the use of a high powered microscope. In the 18th century flax and hemp were used interchangeably with contemporary writings showing fabrics being called out occasionally as hemp specifically. Both crops were grown in Europe and in America, but hemp tended to be a courser fiber which took more processing to weave it into finer cloth. Very fine hemp cloth was being woven and worn in ancient times by the Chinese, admired for its durability, and hemp's strength, dimensional stability, and resistances to bacteria and mold made it an attractive fiber or the more utilitarian fabrics such as ship sails, bagging, tickings, etc. in the 18th century British Empire and Early America.

Because there was usually no distinction made between hemp and flax often the textiles made from hemp may have simply been called out as linen. Our hemp linen has a bleached, finer yard to make a high quality fabric perfect for all of the same items that could be made with our shirt/shift flax linen.

  • This hemp linen is lightweight.
  • Suitable for shirts, shifts, caps, aprons, linings, baby clothes, and other fine garments.
  • 100% Hemp Linen 59 inches wide.

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