Natural "Manchester" Cotton - $10.00 yd


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The greater Lancanshire region of England was highly successful in its desire to compete with the popularity of the India cottons of the 18th century. Using various combinations of linen and cotton yarns, they produced a wide array of textiles including checks, stripes, figures and solids to be left plain, dyed or printed to the latest fashion. The quality of these goods ranged from the coarsest to the finest, which could today, fool the naked eye if not viewed thru a microscope. In our personal research we have been fortunate enough to study a wide variety of these goods. The weight and weave of our fabric closely resembles samples collected by Anders Berch in the mid 18th century and now held in the collection of the Nordiska Museet.

  • This textile is a medium weight and in the "greige" state.  An initial washing will remove sizing and soften the fabric.  Be prepared for a 3 to 4 inches per yard shrinkage.
  • It is suitable for coats, frocks, work smocks, jackets, trousers, work aprons, children's clothes, utilitarian needs and light upholstery.
  • This particular weave has also been found in 17thc linings as well as 19thc linings.
  • 50% Cotton/50% Linen, 58 inches wide.

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