Apple Green Coarse Linen - $17.00 yd.


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Linen cloth was woven of flax fiber in many grades and weaves, and was used in every aspect of living, from clothing to household needs, to furnishings, to the shroud made for the corpse. Linen was so common that a tax was proposed as a source of easy revenue on the coarser sorts being imported into the US, towards the end of the 18th century.

Green linen, such as this Apple Green Coarse Linen, seems to be a subject of much debate. There are references to green linen that could be unscoured, perhaps unbleached linen. However there are also dye receipts and dyers who would dye linen the "color green". In addition, there are accounts of self-liberated individuals wearing green linen clothing. One of the popular shades of green in the 18th century was a bright yellowish green, such as in this Apple Green Coarse Linen.

  • This Apple Green Coarse Linen is medium-weight with a coarse hand.
  • You may lose 3 to 4 inches per yard with a hot wash and dry.
  • Suitable for working garments, such as bedgowns, petticoats, aprons, stays, men's jackets, summer coats, waistcoats, lined breeches, trousers, and heavy linings.
  • This Apple Green Coarse Linen is 100% Polish Linen, 57 inches wide.

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