Mixed Blue Worsted Wool "Camlet" - $16.00 yd.


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"Of plain weave, woven in many widths, lengths, qualities and in all colors.  Some of goat's hair, some partly of silk, or linen and some entirely of wool; they are made for men's and women's clothing, bed hangings, furniture, and church hangings." - Textiles in America, Montgomery pp. 188

Camlet, such as our Mixed Blue Worsted Wool "Camlet", is one of the many "stuffs" produced by Norwich, and later York, in the 18th century. We have studied a range of qualities in camlets from Norwich and York, and this Mixed Blue Worsted Wool "Camlet" is of a fine quality.  Original camlet has a hard texture, vs modern processed worsteds, and this one retains that feel.  "Mix't" in the 18th century could be yarns dyed and then woven, or in this case, various yarn fibers spun together to create a mottled affect. 

  • This Mixed Blue Worsted Wool "Camlet" is lightweight, with a hand and color virtually identical to Norwich camlets we have studied.
  • It is well-suited to ladies' gowns, jackets and petticoats, men’s waistcoats, lightweight coats and jackets, summer trousers, linings, mitts and other accessories as well as children’s gowns.
  • This Mixed blue Worsted Wool "Camlet" is 100% Worsted Wool, 62 Inches Wide.

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