Brown Mixed Wool Kersey - $30.00 yd.


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Brown Mixed Wool Kersey

"Kersey", such as this Brown Mixed Wool Kersey, was a cheap, twilled, and lightly-fulled wool, much in demand, especially among lower classes for its ability to shed water, keep out the cold, and wear well.  Noted to be used greatly in overcoats, uniforms and other utilitarian garments, it was also used in home furnishings and draperies.

The term "mixed" suggested colors that were mixed together to create the the cloth, and was common in many different types of wool cloth, including broadcloth, kersey, cassimere, and sagathey (sagathee). We studied a collection of coarse broadcloths dating from the 1780's, which were almost entirely of mixed colors, as seen in our research.

  • This Brown Mixed Wool Kersey is medium/heavy weight with a hard hand.
  • Well-suited for outerwear, jackets, coats, bound cloaks, winter trousers or breeches, and household items, such as blankets and bed hangings.
  • 100% Wool, 62 inches wide.

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