Off-White Silk/Wool Blend Poplin - $13.00 yd.


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Poplins (from the French “papeline,”) in the 18th century were fabrics with a fine silk warp that completely covered the coarser worsted wool weft, which created a corded effect in the finished cloth. Poplins came in a broad variety of colors, and are referenced as coming in stripes and floral patterns as well. Primary sources from the 18th century reference poplin cloth for sale, as well as items such as waistcoats and gowns constructed out of poplin. Not as dramatically ribbed as a paduasoy/faille, the texture of this Off-White Silk/Wool Blend Poplin is luxurious and has a subtle sheen.
  • This Off-White Silk/Wool Blend Poplin is medium weight with a soft drape.
  • Suitable for Ladies' gowns, petticoats, quilted petticoats and waistcoats, 18th and 19th century jackets, Men's banyans and wrapping gowns, coats, waistcoats, breeches, and accessories.
  • 100% Silk/Wool 39 inches wide

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