Brick Red Flannel - $15.00 yd.


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Brick Red Flannel

In the 18th century, wool flannels, such as this Brick Red Flannel, consisted of a woolen yarn slightly twisted in the spinning and woven in plain or twill weave and then lightly brushed. This created a soft, spongy wool, not extremely sturdy but useful for a variety of purposes such as petticoats, gowns, under-waistcoats, jackets, children's clothing etc. When fulled, flannel would become very lofty, creating a soft but thick fabric.

  • This Brick Red Flannel is lightweight and plain woven with a lightly brushed finish.
  • Suitable for Ladies' gowns, petticoats, pelisses,  Men's under-waistcoats, or common waistcoats, lightweight jackets, lined breeches, trousers, and children's clothing.
  • If you intend to full this flannel you could lose 6 to 10 inches per yard in shrinkage.
  • 100% Wool, 60 inches wide.

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