White Cotton Bobbinet - $30.00 yd.


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White Cotton Bobbinet

Bobbinet was first made in the very early 19th century by John Heathcoate on a machine he invented. This "tulle" was made with cotton yarns and was used for many applications including corsetry and dressmaking as well as some of the earliest "machine lace" which combined the bobbinet with hand embroidered motifs. 

Because of it's weave structure, bobbinet is stable, which made it perfect for dress foundations being extremely strong yet light.  It was used in summer corsetry as well as wig making, and is a wonderful choice for any costuming or dressmaking needs where structure and strength are needed!

  • Very lightweight and sturdy with a soft drape.
  • It is suitable for lightweight summer corsetry, wig making, foundation garments & lingerie, garment repair, as well as drapery and other home decor items.
  • 100% cotton, 72 inches wide.

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