Natural Linen Canvas - $25.00 yd.


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Natural Linen Canvas

Linen cloth, such as this Natural Linen Canvas, was woven of flax fiber in many grades and weaves. Used in every aspect of living from clothing to household needs to furnishings to the shroud made for the corpse, linen was so common that a tax was proposed as a source of easy revenue on the coarser sorts being imported into the US towards the end of the 18th century. Among these was linen canvas, which was used in abundance for a variety of utilitarian purposes. It also was used for the more hardwearing clothing worn by enslaved people, indentured and tradespeople. Unbleached or "brown" linen was the cheapest of these canvases, coming straight off the loom.

  • Our Natural Linen Canvas is medium weight.
  • This fabric is tightly woven with a double warp thread of 68 per inch, and weighs 12.5 oz per linear yard.
  • Suitable for stay layers, buckram, work aprons, men's trousers and breeches, jackets, the meanest sort of outer garments and work clothes, and utilitarian needs.
  • 100% Irish Linen, 42 inches wide.

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