Bright Royal Blue Wool Lasting - $16.00 yd.


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Bright Royal Blue Wool Lasting

"Lasting" or Everlasting, such as this Bright Royal Blue Wool Lasting, were among the names given to worsted wool textiles known under the general name of "stuff". Lasting appears to have been a popular textile for men's clothing and ladies shoes in the 18th century. Plain lasting was woven with a double warp yarn in a 2/1 weave, producing a pronounced twill. Lasting could also be called out as "flowered" or "figured" and also had specific names for the quality of certain patterns, including Prunella and Amens. In plain lasting there are a number of Norwich books displaying various qualities mostly dyed black. There is one book in the Winterthur collection showing fine lastings of black, yellow, blue and light green.

  • This Bright Royal Blue Wool Lasting is medium weight.
  • Suitable for men’s waistcoats, coats and jackets, trousers, breeches, linings, ladies' jackets, redingotes, riding habits and accessories.
  • 100% Worsted Wool, 59 inches wide.

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