Fig Leaf Patterns Plain Short Gown & Lined Short Gown with Collar, late 18th c - early 19th c


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From the collection of the DAR Museum

The short gown was worn by women of nearly every class, from enslaved women and servants to rural and well-to-do women for everyday informal wear. Easily adjusted and front-fastening, the short gown was also ideal for pregnancy and breastfeeding, which took up a large part of many women’s lives. A turn of the century woodcut with a baby on the lap of a woman wearing a high-waisted, hip-length short gown implies this uses follow fashion: many extant examples are clearly from the turn of the 19th century with fashionable high waists.

  • Enclosed are two graded patterns:a plain high waisted short gown with a back facing and a lined, high-waisted short gown with long sleeves and collar.

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Size: 8-18