"Gowns for Undress”: Banyans, Night Gowns, Bedgowns, and Sultanas


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Friday Afternoon, April 29th - Sunday, May 1st

In the eighteenth century all genders wore gowns of various sorts for undress- what we would think of as casual wear. These garments were worn in the context of the home early in the day before dressing, or later in the evening before bed. They were worn by some individuals at work and by others at progressive salons or in various “intellectual” contexts (think in one’s library or study.)

Students in this 2 ½ day workshop led by Christina Johnson will:

  • Discuss the chronology, distinguishing features, patterning, and construction of the banyan, night gown (or wrapping gown), bedgown, and sultana.
  • Pattern a chosen gown in half size to practice the patterning process before patterning and cutting one of the four gowns for undress in full size.* 
  • Check fit and make any adjustments before beginning construction of the gown. 

By the end of the weekend participants will have nearly finished the gown of their choice. Be prepared for some light “homework” on both Friday and Saturday night.

This course is intended for both new and experienced eighteenth century clothing enthusiasts.  Students should bring the eighteenth century garments they intend to wear with their gowns (shift, stays, shirt, breeches, waistcoat, etc.)

*The fitted nature of banyans make them more complex to draft and construct, therefore a pre-drafted pattern will be used by students who choose to make this garment. For these same reasons we do not recommend banyans for those who have not constructed a fitted garment before.

*Please read Level Requirements before registering

Cost of this 2 1/2-day workshop is $290 
which includes muslin

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