Indigo "Spot'd Linsey Woolsey" Handkerchief


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"for a gown a blue and white handkerchief "- Foundling Hospital, December 26, 1759

“Spotted” Handkerchiefs appear frequently through out the 18th and on into the 19th c.  They are described in shop advertisements, runaway ads and genre paintings.  Originally made by “tie & dye” method in India, English dyers sought to duplicate the popular style which made for lively patterns at minimal cost.  Sometimes the spots were derived thru paste or wax resist as in the case of this handkerchief.  Our handkerchief is based on an original handkerchief worn by a child as a gown and admitted to the Foundling Hospital in London on December 26th,1759.  The original sample attached to the billet when examined by us was found to be made of linen and wool and was extremely lightweight.  We have tried to duplicate this fine textile in our handkerchief.  The indigo color is matched to the original as well.

  • Measuring approximately 36 inches square, our handkerchief is made of a very light weight hand loomed linen (54%) & wool(46%) and is hand dyed and hand finished.

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