Laughing Moon Men’s Late Georgian Coat 1795-1810



Based on studies of original garments, this well engineered pattern fills the area of late 18th century and early 19th century often missed in commercial patterns.  The early coat features the cut of the last quarter coat with a more pronounced front sweeping away from the chest, a standing collar and the narrow back of the late century with extended sleeves and a simple cuff.  The early 19th century coat maintains the narrow back but moves into the double breasted cut-away with a falling lapel and a high stand and fall collar. 

  • You can choose to cut the front squared off or rounded. 
  • There are three cuff options allowing you to choose the cuff pictured, the cuff of the earlier coat or a third Mariner’s cuff. 
  • Includes extensive instructions, diagrams, suggestions and information regarding appropriate textiles and notions.
  • Pattern includes all Chest sizes from 34 – 56.