Apple Green "Paduasoy" or "Faille" Silk - $22.00 yd.



"Sacques of plain silks, the most favorite colours are Aurora, apple green, and deep blue." - Lady's Magazine, September 1774

Chinese, India, Persian, English & French silks are all advertised in the 18th and 19th century. Taffetas, Lustrings, Persians, Damasks, Brocades & Paduasoys were all terms used to delineate the various styles and weaves. Padusoys (now known as failles) were woven with a slight rib giving them a bit more body and crispness. The Barbara Johnson book (pg 9) shows a garnet paduasoy "nightgown" with matching fringe being made in 1762. Florence Montgomery says it could contain a pattern or be brocaded. Apple green was a popular color of the 18th century finding its way into Lady's as well as Men's fashion. All social levels wore silk down to the lower sorts who could find silk in the second hand market or having it provided by a master or mistress.

  • This lustrous & crisp silk is a wonderful choice for Lady's gowns, petticoats & jackets, men's suiting, men's banyans and wrapping gowns, lady's workbags, sashes, pelisses, mantelets, mitts and other accessories.
  • 100% Silk 54 inches wide