Celadon "Paduasoy" or "Faille" Silk - $22.00 yd.


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Chinese, India, Persian, English & French silks are all advertised in the 18th and 19th century. Taffetas, Lustrings, Persians, Damasks, Brocades & Paduasoys were all terms used to delineate the various styles and weaves. Paduasoys (now known as faille) were woven with a slight rib giving them a bit more body and crispness. The Barbara Johnson book (pg 9) shows a garnet paduasoy "nightgown" with matching fringe being made in 1762. Florence Montgomery says it could contain a pattern or be brocaded. All social levels wore silk down to the lower sorts who could find silk in the second hand market or having it provided by a master or mistress. 

  • This lustrous & crisp silk is a wonderful choice for Lady's gowns, petticoats & jackets, men's suiting, men's banyans and wrapping gowns, lady's workbags, sashes, pelisses, mantelets, mitts and other accessories.
  • 100% Silk 56 inches wide.

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