Copper & Butter Yellow Checked Silk Taffeta - $18.00 yd.


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Chinese, India, Persian, English & French “taffety” or taffeta were all common silks advertised in the 18th and 19th century. Woven plain they were made in a variety of colors, some changeable, some “chine” or warp printed, some with stripes, checks and patterns. All were woven in a like fashion varying only in their width or number of silk yarns in the warp and weft. After the American Revolution great quantities of silk came to the colonies directly from China, including taffetas, satins and lustrings. All Social levels wore silk down to the lower sorts who could find silk in the second hand market or had it provided by a master or mistress.  Stripes and checks (including patterns that you might call a plaid today) were one of many types of patterns woven. The Victoria & Albert holds a French Merchant's silk book of 1764 with a variety of patterns.  We do not have documentation for a check this large in our own 18th century research so we feel this silk would be best suited to later periods, 1840's onwards.

  • This is a Time Traveling Fabric. It is light weight with a crisp hand.
  • This silk taffeta displays occasional light slubbing. This characteristic is found in a variety of 18thc silks we have examined.
  • It is suitable for lady’s gowns, skirts, jackets, mantles, pelisses, men's banyans and wrapping gowns, waistcoats, linings, accessories and children's clothing.
  • 100% Silk 54 inches wide.

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