Flowered & Sprigged Embroidered Muslin Panels-Seconds


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In the 18th century, embroidery  was not only a product of skilled Guild members, but also domestically pursued by women and girls who had the time and resources.  Originating in India, whitework embroidery was produced on fine cotton muslins or linens, and made into handkerchiefs, sleeve ruffles, & dress aprons.  

The embroidery pattern on our panels is taken from a transitional gown dating to 1800 from the collection of Mary Doering.  The small sprig and larger flower with open work were common motifs found in white work of the 18th century.  
*This panel is discolored in the corner, and the price has been reduced to reflect that discoloration*
  • The embroidered panel is approximately 44 inches square, making it the perfect size for a beautiful apron or large handkerchief. 
  • Want to add ruffles?  Our cotton muslin "mull" is the base fabric used for the embroidery and matches perfectly!
  • Our 100% Cotton muslin is hand-loomed using a very fine yarn at over 100 threads per inch, and is quite transparent. 

When you purchase our reproduction fabric, a donation will be made to the Humane Rescue Alliance in honor of Mary who is an avid cat lover!

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