Three Purples Flowered Handkerchief or Shawl


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Reproduced from the Collection of The Albany Institute of Art & History by Burnley & Trowbridge

Dated to the last quarter of the 18thc this lovely block printed handkerchief came to the collection with an interesting history.  Donated in the 1990's by descendants of the Van Derzee family, it came with a note detailing its history.  According to the family, it was given in exchange for food during the Revolution by a Continental Ranger.  Family lore had it that when Lady Burgoyne came to Saratoga she wore an identical one.  In 1996 Curator, Fashion Historian and Author, Nancy Rexford visited the Museum.  She examined this item and made notes regarding its date.The fashion plate she cited is actually dated 1778.  We have seen a number of handkerchiefs similar to this one, many in French collections.  Meg Andrews auction house sold a similar one smaller in size that was dated to 1810

We find larger handkerchiefs such as this being worn in the late 70's to 80's  on into the early 19th century.  Although the original has oxidized the purples in the reproduction are representative of the beautiful purples the handkerchief would have been when it was new. 

  • Measures approximately 39 inches square. 
  • 100% hand loomed cotton mull.
  • Hand printed and hand finished. 
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