White Extra Sheer Cotton Muslin "Mull" - $13.00 yd.


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White Extra Sheer Cotton Muslin "Mull"

Originating in India and introduced to Europe as early as the 17th century, mull was described as “delicately woven cotton fabric”.  Areas of India specialized in its production, prizing themselves on delicate sheerness and lightness of weight. Used throughout the 18th century and growing in popularity into the 19th century, muslin was considered highly desirable for its lightness, and ease of cleaning. 

  • Our White Extra Sheer Cotton Muslin "Mull" is hand-loomed using a very fine yarn at over 90 threads per inch, and is quite transparent.
  • Well-suited for any fashion where fine muslin is required, as well as fine accessories such as caps, aprons, neckerchiefs, handkerchiefs, sleeve flounces and tuckers. Excellent for anything with white work or embroidery, to include gowns of the last quarter of the 18th century, into the 19th century, as well as children’s clothing.
  • White Extra Sheer Cotton Muslin "Mull" 100% Cotton, 45 inches wide.

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