Willoughby & Rose: 18th Century Children's "Elizabeth" Stays Pattern


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An 18th century foundation garment suitable for children up to about age 13. The basic cut of the stays, which facilitates proper posture without changing the child’s shape, is based on several extant examples spanning from the 1750s to the late 1780s.

  • The pattern comes with two main designs, both of which feature back lacing and include optional straps and tabs (skirts).
    • View A is the more historically represented version, with fully boned panels. They are made from 3–4 layers of fabric (depending on whether or not you wish to line them), and are sturdy without being restrictive.
    • View B is based on lighter stays worn by adult women during the last decades of the 18th century and has minimal boning. This allows for increased flexibility while still helping the child maintain their posture. The stays can be made with as little as 2 layers of fabric, or up to 4 layers for added structure.
  • Pattern includes:
    • 1 paper pattern in your selected size pack
    • 1 fully illustrated instruction booklet
  • Available in three size packs: A (2/3-4/5), B (6/7-8/9), & C (10/11-12/13).

Disclaimer: This pattern is *not* designed to reduce or reshape the waist and this should not be attempted. The garment should fit close to the body so that it does not slip around, but should not be restrictive in any way whatsoever.

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Size: SIZE PACK: A (2/3-4/5)