Workshop Sewing Levels

To better assist our participants in choosing workshops that they will be comfortable with, we have devised the following Level system. For the best possible experience, it is suggested that you only attempt classes where you have achieved the skills listed for each level.

Want to know some of the hand sewing skills you will be learning?
Check out our You Tube Tutorials

Beginner Level 1

You have discovered the world of Historic clothing but are not sure where to begin.  This is a great place to start!  Check each skill below and you will be ready for your first foray into Historic clothing!  

  • Participant should have some knowledge of basic hand sewing and attempted the same
  • some knowledge of 18th century clothing.  
  • You may or may not have made a costume using a commercial pattern


Advanced Beginner Level 1

You have made your first Historic clothing piece!  You are now ready to try something that will hone your hand sewing skills and teach you a variety of simpler Historic clothing items and accessories.

  • Participant has made the most basic of clothing using hand stitches, such as an apron, handkerchief, pocket or petticoat.
  • Participant has been familiarizing themselves with various fashions of the period being taught and has begun to grasp a solid understanding.


Intermediate Level 2

You are ready to move on to basics of an 18th or early 19th century wardrobe, like a gown, waistcoat or a man or lady's jacket,

Good hand sewing skills are required. See our Youtube Channel for tutorials.

  • Running stitch
  • Back stitch
  • Fell stitch
  • You should have produced an article of 18th century clothing using a pattern (or cutting to the figure) and have fitted that piece of clothing.  
  • You should have some familiarity with proper 18th century attire.
  • Ladies should own their own stays and shift.


Advanced Level 3

You are now knee deep into historic costuming and ready to take the plunge!  This level will teach you the more complicated fashions of the time, such as a Polonaise Gown, Regency Pelisse, Man’s Breeches, Great Coats, Sacque Back Gown & Stays.

  • Solid hand sewing skills are required.
  • Had experience cutting to the body or patterning for men’s garments and basic fitting.
  • It is best that you have taken a Level 2 course or it’s equivalent.
    • For ladies an example would be a gown or jacket workshop
    • for men, a waistcoat or hunting frock workshop.


Advanced Plus Level 4

You now find yourself embracing the mindset and skills of the mantua maker and tailor.  You are looking to spread your wings and hone those skills to a fine tooth!

  • Participants in this course should have already taken multiple fitting classes and be familiar thru observation with the garment being produced. 
  • Student should be very comfortable with 18th century fashion style and should own all appropriate underpinnings, such as stays, hoops or rolls, shift etc.  
  • For men they should own a properly made shirt, breeches and waistcoat.