In the beginning, Angela & Jim established Burnley and Trowbridge in pursuit of a simple goal:  to provide thoroughly researched textiles, notions, patterns, educational content, and related items to meet the needs of the historical community.  As a grass roots business founded on community need, we grew one catalog and one show at a time as we connected with a community who wanted more than just a product. They wanted the expertise to know what to do with it. As part of our mission to provide well researched and quality products at kind prices, we cultivated global connections with skilled artisans and suppliers to provide only the most well documented items to our community.

As our company has evolved, we have been careful to continue to listen to the needs of our community. When the cry for education and learning opportunities grew louder, we knew that it was time to take the informal tutelage that had been happening through events and one on one encounters and turn it into something bigger. In 2002, we pioneered the Historical Fashion Workshop Series where we created a space where community members could learn directly from experts in the historical clothing field. Alongside our hands-on workshops, we have expanded our mission with digital outreach via YouTube (established in 2015) and we have begun to create a digital learning community to engage with even more burgeoning historical clothing creators and costumers in the future. 

Today our company of two has grown, and while much has changed there is still much that has not. We continue to design and source unique historical items for our customers, who range from historical sites, living historians, re-enactors, film makers, theatre companies to heirloom sewers, handwork enthusiasts, and more. We also continue our efforts to educate and inspire growth.  And most importantly, we work every day to continue to bring you the finest textiles, tools, and notions available.

We look forward to serving you!